If You Just Realized What I Just Realized

I just realized…

-I haven’t gotten gas in my car since the day I bought it, more than a month ago. Either this car gets great gas mileage, or I am a hermit. Either way, nice.

-2008 is going to be an awesome year for music. Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Howie Day, and Death Cab all have albums coming out soon.

-It was 60 yesterday when I left my house, and snowing/freezing rain when I left work. I think I’m getting a sinus infection.

-My friend and I were talking in the computer lab today, and she was telling me how crazy she is about green design, as she was printing out page after page of information about it. I believe that is called hypocrisy.

-I am sad that John Edwards dropped out, but I don’t know why. I was never going to vote for him.

-I really want some brownies, and I'm not sure why. I almost never eat chocolate. Who wants to bake me some?

-My Dad’s birthday is on Saturday and my boyfriend’s (25) birthday is next week. Crap. Suggestions? Especially for my boyfriend. What do 25 year old guys like? So far all I have is the Wii Zapper.


Robin said...

OMG! I really want brownies too...even more so since you've mentioned it. Dammit.

Avitable said...

What would your bf want other than a Wii Zapper?

Probably some wii licking.

Dave2 said...

I haven't had a good brownie in ages. The ones I run across are either too fancy (topped with odd frostings and strange glazes) or too plain (missing walnuts) or just plain gross (dense like fudge). What has happened in this world when you can't get a decent brownie?

Poppy Cede said...

Ooooh, yay! I preordered Jack already, will scurry off to preorder DCfC!!!

25 year old guys like sex. No?

Amanda said...

Robin- I like your new icon

Avitable- Gee, Avi, why would I lick the Wii?

Dave- I know... If I wanted fudge, I would get fudge.

Poppy- He gets that anyway. And Jack is next week!

Poppy Cede said...

I see DCfC isn't till May. I can't be expected to remember that long. Sigh.

Maybe you could do a special trick for him for his birthday? Like... burst out of a pool of Jell-O and sing happy birthday then see where that leads you? I have some extra Jell-O...

Amanda said...

poppy- Well sure, if you already have the extra jello and everything

Josh said...

You know...my birthday is the same day as your boyfriend's....hm. we've brought that up numerous times.

get him the wii zapper. that's good stuff right there.

oh and i'll have internet this week :)