La La La Lie

Sorry if I haven't been around as much recently. We've been in the throws of work drama. Well, not me. My boyfriend. This is going to be a long rambling post, be warned.

Do you remember awhile ago I said something about the job offer my boyfriend received? Basically, he currently is the IT coordinator for a mid-sized law firm. One of the partners is going out on his own because everyone hates the douche main attorney at the firm.

So anyway, the partner offered my boyfriend a position at his new firm, which would include a 30% raise, and more responsibility. He'd still be the IT coordinator, but he'd also do the marketing and some administrative things. He'd get to pick out all the phones, the computers, where to buy office supplies, all sorts of stuff. For anal retentive control freaks like my boyfriend (who I love very much) this is heaven.

On Tuesday, the rest of the office found out that my boyfriend, 11 attorneys and a handful of secretaries and paralegals are leaving. And everyone is pissed, especially the main douche and the office manager.

Yesterday they stormed into his office and changed all his passwords so he wasn't in control of all the accounts and server crap anymore (sidenote, today the email system shut down because they didn't change all the passwords, just some, so nothing is communicating right, so they had to call in a tech guy to come and fix it). Then today, they came and basically ransacked his office, taking the projectors, the cameras, the phones, and the laptops he has stored. Like he's a fucking criminal. Honest to God, my boyfriend is the most non-confrontational, easy going, nice guy you'd ever meet. He hadn't even put in his two weeks notice yet. They weren't going to leave for another month or so, but now they'll be leaving in less than two weeks. He doesn't have anything to do now because they took his passwords and equiptment. So he's just sitting around getting paid for nothing, which is killing him, because he likes to work.

So tonight we went to see a movie, because that relaxes him. He's a movie whore. We went to see The Orphanage (El Orfanato). It's a story about a family that is going to open a center for special needs kids at the orphanage the mother used to live in. Basically, the son starts to see invisible friends then goes missing one day. The mother will stop at nothing to find her son, and the rest of the movie is her trying to find him. I don't know how much else I can say without giving away the whole plot.

The first hour and a half or so were really good. It was dark and creepy, without resorting to cheap scares. It has an intense plotline, and its mostly original, although it did remind me just a little of the plot of The Grudge . It was very well acted and directed. I even liked the end, when it was explained where Simon was, and whether or not he was dead. It was an awesome, sad twist ending.

However, there were some huge gaping plot holes. Most of them I can forgive, except for one. I can't say what it is, but trust me, it's huge. It's big enough that it pretty much ruined the movie for both myself and my boyfriend.

Overall though, it was a pretty good movie. But if you're easily bothered by implausible plot holes, this isn't the movie for you.

(That was a really long round about way of doing a movie review, eh?)


Gecko Rock said...

New jobs rock. Plot holes suck.

The way the reacted to your boyfriend leaving might explain why he is leaving, eh?

Avitable said...

Are you going to go see Cloverfield this weekend?

Rich | Championable said...

In all honesty, IT-lockdown-wise, the douchebag is doing what most companies would, considering the level of defection at the firm. This does not mean that he is not a douchebag.

What the douchebag should have done is terminated people with two weeks severance. Easier on all.

Amanda said...

gecko rock- yes that has a lot to do with it

Avitable- Yes I am and so help me God if someone tells me the plot I will have a freaking aneurysm.

Rich- Oh that's not why I think he's a douche. There's a LOT more reasons.

Avitable said...

I don't really think there is a plot, though.

Amanda said...

Avitable- Then I want to be surprised by the lack of plot

Poppy Cede said...

You went to see The Orphanage?!?! Yar!

And, I know it sucks to feel like he's being treated like a criminal, and that definitely could have been handled much better, but it's SOP to change all passwords of the IT guy whe s/he leaves. It's a lot worse when the IT guy is a bad apple, I assure you...