Mine's Not A High Horse

I haven’t been able to find any of my rings for months and months, and tonight I finally found them. Where, you ask? Oh, well, they were in my jewelry box, thank you for asking. Novel concept, eh?

It’s not like they were super expensive or anything, but they were trinkets from my boyfriend (not, ahem, an engagement ring or anything.). There were also a few that were my mom’s in the 70s, funky retro ones. Needless to say, I’m not telling my boyfriend where I found them. In fact, I doubt he noticed I wasn’t wearing them.

Although, when I do wear the one with my birthstone, which is a pale topaz , people always stop and ask me if it’s an engagement ring. Then I would cry. So I had to switch it to my left hand.


Tug said...

Funny how they're always in the last place you think to look, huh?


Mr. Fabulous said...

Looking for a commitment? Want me to talk to him?

Avitable said...

For the last time, I can't marry you. That's called bigamy.

Amanda said...

Tug- I know, it's shocking.

Mr. Fab- Please have a conversation with him, thank you.

Avitable- Please?

Avitable said...

Well, fine. But only if we move to Utah. And you can't call Amy "the old wife".

Amanda said...

avitable- I hear Utah is lovely.