Everytime They Turn the Lights Down

Did you all catch the VMAs? No? Well, you lucked out. I tuned in initially to see Britney's performance. I'm not a big Britney fan, but recently, she cracks me up. Her performance was hilarious. I want to know what kind of drugs she's on, because I would like to try them. She seemingly sleepwalked through the whole performance, missing words while she lip-synced, and barely danced. Also, she was by no means fat, but if I were her I wouldn't have been wearing no top on national television.

The rest of the show made me sad. I know I'm not old, but I only knew who half of the artists were. Maybe I'm just too cool for the MTV crowd. Yeah, I bet that's it. Also, I think Sarah Silverman's funny, but she's always so mean when she hosts award shows. She's actually made me feel bad for Britney and Paris. And that's a great feat.


Anonymous said...

I missed it, but will catch it on one of the many reruns of the show. It is a trainwreck, we all know that. You just have to see it.

I might go to hell for it, but who cares if I laugh hard right???

Amanda said...

Kelly: I think you're good, I'm pretty sure you don't go to hell for laughing at the VMAs. I was confused through most of the show, I couldn't tell what was going on

Mr. Fabulous said...

At one point I thought Britney has what it took to be the next Mrs. Fab. Those days are long gone.

Sarcastica said...

I live for Brittney and Paris's pain, so go Sarah Silverman! I am so going to look for the youtube video of Brittney's VMA performance! Too funny to miss. She's a crack head :)

Joefish said...

The six stages of Britney watching:

1. Surprise. "She's so young! I can't believe she's doing that!"

2. Lust/envy. "I want to do/be her." (As is your preference.)

3. Shock. "Wait, she married him? She's squeezing out his devil spawn?"

4. Schadenfreude. "She's so over. Tee hee!"

5. Pity. "It's so sad to see how far she's fallen. Train wreck!"

6. Disinterest. "Wait, you mean she's still around?"


I'm ready for step six to start any minute now.

Robin said...

I hate to say I'm glad she bombed, she needs to hit rock bottom and really eat some humble pie.

ps. I don't know who you are but I saw you linked me so I thought I'd say hi.

Amanda said...

Mr Fab- I think we all found her much more attractive back then

Sarcastica- good times

Joefish- she keeps us talking though, doesn't she?

Robin- Sorry I'm an awful lurker. i found your page awhile ago after a comment on mr. fab's page so I've been reading for a bit, I just don't leave my feed reader too often. I'm glad you did though, and Hi.