Give Up Your Life, Cause You Cannot Fight the Television

I don’t know how much I’ll be around this week. I have an onslaught of test and projects due. Then again, I’m typing instead of studying, so that shows how determined I am to cram. It’s hard for me to fit school work around my TV schedule, with almost all my shows starting up this week. Damn school.

First, a question:

What is the foam washer at the top of the CD spindle, and why do I take it off, grab a cd, and then put it back on?

Now, to my reviews:

Chuck: Chuck premiered tonight on NBC. It’s about a “Nerd Herd” employee who inadvertently downloads the government’s secrets into his head when his college roommate emails them to him. The show seems pretty promising. It has comedy and a geeky-yet-still-attractive guy for me, action, drama, and a hot girl for my boyfriend. It was shot really well, acted well, and has a ton of room for a good plot. I guess we’ll see, but I’m hopeful it will turn out well.

Heroes- I don’t want to give anything away, if you haven’t seen it yet, but its back and as good as ever. I spent the whole episode worried about my boyfriend, Peter. They introduced new heroes, including one with the King Midas touch. If you’re not already watching this show, you need to be.

How I Met Your Mother- Robin comes back from Argentina with a hot masseuse, and Ted is worried that she’s winning the breakup, so he goes to a bar and picks up a tattooed Mandy Moore. It’s as funny as ever, and Barney is in his prime as Ted’s wingman. Ted gets a sweet tramp stamp of a butterfly, and there’s a glimpse of Ted’s future lady with a yellow umbrella.


Robin said...

I love How I Met Your Mother!

Avitable said...

Did you watch Journeyman? That was a good one, too.

Amanda said...

Robin: It's so so good

Avi: I didn't catch it, but it looks good

Mr. Fabulous said...

I pink puffy heart Mandy Moore to the nth degree!

Study hard, daughter o' mine.

With a little luck, Mandy Moore will be your new mommy.

Amanda said...

Mr. Fab: She's the same age as me, but I guess that's not unheard of for a step-mother

Josh said...

I was sad that I missed Chuck, but can't I watch it online? I'll check. And I missed Heroes too. I'm a bad tv watcher. I forgot to dvr them. But I remembered to dvr The Office. Am I forgetting anything else?

Amanda said...

Josh: If you have the office and heroes, I think you're covered. Beauty in the Geek just started last week (What's Booty?). Not that I watch that, or anything. Lost doesn't start to February