I Think the Finish Line's A Good Place We Could Start

Yay we don't suck so bad! I love dating a guy who works for a rich company. Tonight we had the firm's front row on the third baseline tickets to the Cards-Phillies game. We actually won! It's so much better when we win, we lost the last several games I've been to, I was beginning to think I was a jinx. Also, I'm a little buzzed right now. You have to drink at a ballgame, right? Anyway,I'm pretty sure the third base coach is grabbing Yadier Molina's ass here, but I would too if I were him because Yadie hit the walk off single in the 10th inning.


Avitable said...

I tried to email you at the email address you used on my blog with your interview questions, but it got returned to me.

Email me at adam at avitable dot com.