Soy un perdedor

My worst nightmare came true today.

Yes, I am an art student. But more specifically, I am an interior design major. I'm not getting my degree in ceramics or anything like that. I don't think my artwork is ironic, I don't wear black all the time, I don't walk around with a ponytail, glasses, and paint stained overalls like the chick in Not Another Teen Movie. I don't talk much about my art, because I work in a medical field, and people are always asking me if I'm in school for it, then I have to explain that no, I'm an art student, this is just a job. (And by the way, why does every freaking patient that walks through the door feel the need to grill me over my personal life? I have a mother for that.)

Anyway, I'm taking a History of Cultural Environments class. It sounds stupid, but its actually pretty interesting. To me. I wouldn't expect it to be interesting to anyone else, don't worry. But one of the first assignments of this semester was to go to the art museum and see the special Napoleon exhibit.

Okay, whatever. I like the Art Museum. Its nice, its free, and for such a white-trash loving town, its actually fairly decent. Van Gogh and Monet and whatnot.

The bitch of it was, I had to draw a piece of furniture and a textile. Yes, I was at the Art Musuem, with my sketch book and my pencils. People kept staring at me, because I am a freak. I drew very quickly and then re-drew it at home later, but God. I am officially one of those people.


ADW said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I will be more that happy to link to your site.

Amanda said...

ADW: Thank you!

Josh said...

Want to take me to the art museum?

Mighty Dyckerson said...

How the hell does one draw a textile??

Anyway, let me know if you get into sketching nudes. I'd be happy to come over to your place and pose for you.

Sarcastica said...

My second career choice is interior design, after Social Service work that is :) How are you liking college/university?

Amanda said...

Josh: I will go anywhere with you

Mighty Dyckerson: Its more of copying a pattern, and that is a heck of an offer.Thank you for being so generous!

Sarcastica: I like it a lot, that's why I'm on my fifth year of college, with at least two more to go. I'm on my second school, and I'll go to one more before this is over. Hopefully you can stick with things longer than me.

Richard said...
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Rich | Championable said...

Weirdly, I wear black all the time, I have a ponytail, thick glasses, I only wear paint-stained (black) coveralls, and I only talk about my art.*

Yet, I'm a small business owner.

*Lies. All lies.

Amanda said...

Rich Championable: Huh that's so ironic, man