It Just Don't Feel Like Christmas

It's that time of year.

I was dragged to the evil Walmart with my mom this morning. Its not a place I generally care to shop, being as how Walmart is the devil and whatnot. But sometimes my mom's guilt trips are hard to ignore, especially when I've just woken up and I'm trying to eat my damn leftover pizza for breakfast in PEACE and I'll say anything to get this peace. What was I saying? Oh yeah, so I was at Walmart, and guess what I saw?

Christmas decorations. That's right. Christmas. Although its not for another 3 1/2 months, its already begun.


Mr. Fabulous said...

It is never too early to start shopping for my present.

Just saying.

Amanda said...

Mr. Fab- I will keep that in mind

ADW said...

I love Christmas and Walmart. It makes for the best time to people watch.

Sarcastica said...

I hate Walmart because every single time I go, I spend at LEAST 100 bucks there. I really shouldn't, as I can't AFFORD to spend 100 bucks there. They get you with their "sales" and all that jazz. Pff.

Amanda said...

ADW: Yes the people at walmart are always a joy to partake in

sarcastica: yep its a bitch