With the Great, Great Monkey Plan

*taken through my piece of shit camera phone

My boyfriend and I went to a winery for lunch on Sunday, because I like places where not only is it okay to drink at lunch, but I'm pretty sure it's expected. This green plastic monkey came hooked on my wine. I looked at the other patrons and no one else had monkeys on their cocktails. Is it me? I know I look young, but they didn't ID me, so clearly they thought I was old enough to drink. Maybe the bartender thought I was cute. She wasn't really my type, but I always appreciate the attention. And plastic monkeys.

Also, seeing as how it's still September 11th for another few hours, Miss Britt has a great post on the subject that I agree with wholeheartedly, so go read her post .


Sarcastica said...

What a lovely monkey!

I read Miss Britt's post and also agree wholeheartedly.

Amanda said...

sarcastica: I was pretty excited. I love both monkeys and wine